Dress In Print: Behind The Scenes

Been over a month since my last post. I’ll be putting up some of the things that has happened since then such as photographs from my Philippines trip during the Chinese New Year, a recap of the projects I have done at LCJG and at Without Equal Productions as well. During the span of my last post until now, one of the exciting projects Without Equal was working on, was a collaborative video campaign for up and coming fashion label, Dress In Print. Their campaign is entitled “Let’s Get Physical” featuring an activewear collection with UV/fluorescent prints. It was a unique approach to sportswear and the video concept was to include different types of dances to showcase the different sets of products.

Pre-production took about 2 months and filming only took two consecutive days. It was indeed a hectic schedule as we finished the first filming day at 1am and started 6am a couple hours later. Here are some BTS shots of the shoot:



First shoot was with Meoldy Pole Studio. We probably did about 15 takes on her routine which she effortlessly pulled off each time. The set was originally supposed to be filled with smoke to hid the other surrounding poles and add a dramatic effect but the security called it off, afraid that the smoke detector might detect it and 100K worth of equipment will be drenched in water.


 6am contemporary dance shoot with Bronwyn Jolley at Shek O beach. It was freezing cold that time, it was difficult to contain the shivers while filming. We even did jumping jacks just to warm ourselves up. Well forget about the crew, Bronwyn dealt with the icy weather during her routine!


L-R: Ashley Leung and Jasmin Lam


After lunch, we shot the hip hop dance on one of the graffiti roofs at Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. I was fairly familiar with the location as I’ve shot here a number of times for different projects. Some of the graffiti were erased but overall still had the look and feel that we were aiming for.


Haruna Kunisawa



L-R: Yika Au and Natalie Ip


Haruna Kunisawa is one hell of a dancer. She didn’t make any mistakes on her end. None. I always felt bad for asking for a retake because the error was on our end and not hers. She runs Bedrex while Yika and Natalie are her students (Natalie teaches at Bedrex as well). We tweaked with the lighting this time around, using color gels to mix up and bring out the best in the UV/fluorescent prints.

After a week of post-production. Here is the final output:

It was an awesome collaborative project and props to everyone involved. It was great working with Dress In Print and all the dancers! I finally learnt a thing or two about dancing.


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